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Show all. Course Curriculum: 8 hours. Category: Skills Future Courses. Topics include: Exploring the history of version control : 30 mins Installing Git on Mac, Windows, and Linux : 1 hour Initializing a repository : 30 mins Writing useful commit messages : 1 hour Understanding the Git three-tree architecture : 30 mins Tracking when files are added, edited, deleted, or moved : 30 mins Viewing change sets and comparing versions : 30 mins Undoing changes and rolling back to previous versions : 30 mins Ignoring changes to select files : 30 mins Creating and working with code branches : 30 mins Merging branches and resolving merge conflicts : 30 mins Stashing changes for later : 30 mins Working with hosted repositories and remote branches : 30 mins Developing an effective collaboration workflow : 30 mins.

Reviews 0. First obstacle: same terms with different meanings Explain what the intention was and why it was made. Body can be verbose.

Version control concepts

Capital letters. Reference issue identifiers is possible. How about one by Linus himself? Use git commit -a --amend to you screwed up the commit and want to overwrite the latest with an improved commit. Use branches and tags Basically just labels that point to certain commit IDs. Each commit ID point to its parent,thus forms a chain.

Git Essentials

All developers branch from master and then merge back. New releases branch from master. Support releases branch from release branch.

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Don't create other branches until you really need them. Push only stuff what works. Other developers must be able to branch from master at any time and start working on something new,instead of having to deal with fixing a broken state that somebody else left in master.

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Distributed version control? Compare changes and create diffs git show a2f standard show in patch format git diff v1. HEAD Git internals When you add a file, it goes to the staging area. The file does not go into the actual history tree until the stage is committed.

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Git tracks content,not files! Changing any commit in the history will change the SHA-1 commit IDs of every following commit in the chain.

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