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The review should be seen as an important contribution and tool for the many different educators dealing with the educational problems and issues confronting society. Advancement of the Field. The review should validate or inform the knowledge of researchers and guide and improve the quality of their research and scholarship.

The review must be well written and conform to style of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 6th edition. Authors should avoid the use of unexplained jargon and parochialism. Balance and Fairness. The review should be careful not to misrepresent the positions taken by others, or be disrespectful of contrary positions.

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Any review should be accessible to the broad readership of RER. The purpose of any article should be to connect the particular problem addressed by the researcher s to a larger context of education. Publication Standards 2. Submission Preparation Checklist 3. Copyright Information 5. For authors who use figures or other materials for which they do not own copyright 6.

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For questions or inquiries about manuscripts, please contact the editors. Inquiries regarding original manuscripts submitted before July 1, should be directed to Frank Worrell at REReditors aera. Inquiries regarding original manuscripts submitted after July 1, , should be directed to P. Karen Murphy, incoming editor for the volume years, at REReditors aera.

The dark side of education research: widespread bias

Manuscripts may not be submitted via e-mail. We also recommend consulting a the Guidelines for Reviewers , which outline the criteria under which manuscripts are reviewed for publication by AERA and b recent previous editions of the journal. Submission Preparation Checklist.

When you upload your initial submission, upload a a separate title page that is not blinded with an Author Note based on the 6 th edition of the APA Manual, b the main manuscript, which includes a BLINDED title page, an abstract with keywords at the bottom, and the rest of the document including tables and figures, and c Author Bios. Additionally, your submission should meet the following guidelines:. The submission has not been previously published and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere; or an explanation has been provided in the Cover Letter.

Authors should indicate in the Author Note on the separate title page if sections of the manuscript have been published in other venues. Please blind any work of limited circulation e.

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More information on blinding is described subsequently. The text conforms to APA style currently the 6 th ed. The submission is in Microsoft Word, which will be converted into a pdf file. Please do not upload PDF files. All URL addresses and dois in the manuscript e. An abstract of no more than words is included both separately and on the second page of the main document after the BLINDED title page.

Please also include three to five keywords, the terms that researchers will use to find your article in indexes and databases. For further instructions regarding manuscript style, length, and format, please review the RER Submission Guidelines. Authors who would like to refine the use of English in their manuscripts might consider using the services of a professional English-language editing company.

Please be aware that SAGE has no affiliation with these companies and makes no endorsement of them. An author's use of these services in no way guarantees that his or her submission will ultimately be accepted. Any arrangement an author enters into will be exclusively between the author and the particular company, and any costs incurred are the sole responsibility of the author. No written or oral permission is necessary to reproduce a table, a figure, or an excerpt of fewer than words from this journal, or to make photocopies for classroom use.

Authors are granted permission, without fee, to photocopy their own material or make printouts from the final pdf of their article. For authors who use figures or other material for which they do not own copyright:.

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Authors who wish to use material, such as figures or tables, for which they do not own the copyright must obtain written permission from the copyright holder usually the publisher and submit it along with their manuscript. However, no written or oral permission is necessary to reproduce a table, a figure, or an excerpt of fewer than words from an AERA journal. If you or your funder wish your article to be freely available online to nonsubscribers immediately upon publication gold open access , you can opt for it to be included in SAGE Choice, subject to payment of a publication fee.

The manuscript submission and peer review procedure is unchanged. Skip to main content. The standards and criteria for review articles in RER are the following: 1. Editorial Board. Olusola O. This book is easy to read and well written. It thoroughly explains a lot of vital information needed for research. It is only offered in loose leaf format; therefore, you must have a binder to put it in.

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It is holed punched for you and comes wrapped in clear plastic packaging. See All Buying Options. In stock. Good night. Pearson, stop taking all of our money. I have to admit that this book is solid. No one knows about gathering educational data more than Pearson. Some of the graphics are hilariously simple. Others will hurt your head. Seems like a whole lotta cash for a book about research, but textbooks are what they are.

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  • Only 1 left in stock - order soon. By far the best author for Educational Research methodology! A very good book. An excellent introduction into educational research. I'm grateful that all my orders have been reaching on time even when this last one delayed for just a day. I appreciate your response to your customers. Creswell, I thought it was a physical textbook but to my surprise, I received an access code on a 4-paged hard paper and I don't know how to use it. My class for this book begins on 27th Aug BERA is a membership association and learned society committed to advancing research quality, building research capacity and fostering research engagement.

    BERA aims to inform the development of policy and practice by promoting the best quality evidence produced by educational research. Find out more about BERA membership.

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    Established to provide research informed content on key educational issues in an accessible manner, the new BERA blog produces and promotes short pieces that attract policy-makers, parents, teachers, educational leaders, members of school communities, politicians, and anyone who is interested in education today. The following is a list of the most cited articles based on citations published in the last three years, according to CrossRef.

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