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However, the feelings of true love begin to show as you develop trust with your significant other. You believe that they have your best interest at heart and the same goes for you. When you trust the other person, it allows you to be vulnerable with your emotions and communicate your feelings to them. They are your best friend. One sign that you love someone is that they are not just the person you are dating, they have become your best friend. You can't wait to tell them about things that happened to you throughout the day.

When something funny happens, you think of that person because you want to share it with them. You enjoy spending all your time with them and participate in activities and hobbies together. This is a good foundation for a romantic relationship to be built on. Infatuation will quickly pass, but if your partner is also your best friend, you will be more likely to stick with the relationship even during the trying times that will come your way. You just feel it. Sometimes it doesn't matter what all the signs are, you just "know" inside of you that you love that person.

If you are an overly impulsive person, you may want to take a second before you just blurt it out though. Once you say the words, you can't take them back. So, while sometimes you just know that you know that you love the other person if it's only been a few dates you might want to take some time to think before telling them. It may feel right for you, but also want to respect the other person and not make them feel uncomfortable.

U Know That I Love You

This is one reason you often hear people say that they knew from the first date that they were going to marry that person. They might have "known" it, but it doesn't mean that they told the other person at that moment. You've introduced each other to the family. You don't want just to introduce every person that you date to your parents.

That would be uncomfortable. You know that as soon as you bring someone home, the long list of questions is going to start. That's why you wait and only bring home someone that you are serious about. If you have met their family and they have met yours the relationship is moving from like to something deeper. On the other hand, if you don't feel ready to introduce them to your family, then it could be a sign that you aren't ready to tell them that you love them. And, if they are telling you that they love you but aren't willing to bring you home, yet you might want to ask them what they are waiting for.

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You are a better person when you're with them. When you are with someone that you love you want to be a better person. You genuinely feel happier than you did before you met them. You have a more positive outlook on life. Things seem to be going right for you, and even when you face trials, they are easier to face because you have someone that you are sharing it with. This might be hard to see in yourself, but it's easy for others that are close to you to spot. If you are wondering if the person you are with is impacting the kind of person you are, ask someone who knows you well.

While this situation is never fun, it is pretty common. You're two separate people, after all, with two totally different life experiences and capacities for love. Also, just because your feelings are stronger right now doesn't mean your relationship is dead in the water. Step one is to identify the problem and do some soul searching to decide if that's good enough for you.

Maybe you just feel things stronger, and that's OK, so long as you are happy and fulfilled in the relationship. If someone were to give you a pop quiz about your partner, you're confident you would ace that sucker. That's because you are actively interested in getting to know everything about them. Your partner, on the other hand? Not so much. They are much less likely to ask you personal questions or remember the minutiae of every story you've told them. When you think of the next five years, your significant other is featured prominently in your plans.

But when they talk about their hopes for the future, they use a lot of "I" language, and not really any "we. Good morning my Angel.

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The importance of healthy love.

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